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Willkommen beim Deutschen Harmonika-Verband (DHV)

Der DHV ist deutschlandweit der zweitgrößte Laienmusikverband im Instrumentalbereich, gegründet am 28. März 1931 mit Sitz in 78647 Trossingen. Der Verband umfasst 16 Landesverbände sowie eine Sektion Mundharmonika.

Tel. 07425-32 66 45
Rudolf Maschke Platz 6


07425 - 95 992 21               Newsletter Blickpunkt-DHV


Akkordeonjugend des DHV

The Accordion Youth Baden-Württemberg in the DHV has been the youth organization of the German Harmonica Association (DHV) in the state association of Baden-Württemberg since 1981. We are a youth association recognized as a youth welfare and youth education law as well as a freelance youth worker in BW. The AJ-BW is divided into 15 districts all over Germany, where around 30700 children, young people and young adults up to 27 years are represented in around 650 accordions with about 830 orchestras and 240 playgroups. The Youth Division thus represents the lion’s share of all active and organically-organized accordionists in Baden-Württemberg.


Youth Education Rolf Weinmann

Talstraße 5
72667 Schlaitdorf
Fon: +49 7127/9802620
Fax: +49 7127/9606967

Youth Education Claudia Daferner

Lessingstr. 3
76135 Karlsruhe
Fon: +49 (0) 721/8304335
Fax: +49 (0) 721/8304932

Youth leader of state:

Winfried Kaupp
Fon: +49 721/43176

Deputy Youth Leader:

Peter Huber
Fon: +49 721/2082 570

The official homepage of the Accordion Youth Baden-Württemberg competition.


The Accordion Youth in Bavaria is represented on the board of the National Association by your representatives, district youth leaders and district youth leaders. From the center, a regional Youth Leader is elected. The body of youth leaders supports specialist and superstitious measures of the national association and plans special training and further education programs for the young people in the member associations. The National Association Bavaria is divided into 4 districts with approximately 130 associations, 250 orchestras and ensembles, in which about 3,500 active members play. The youth proportion up to the age of 18 is currently about 35%.

youth leader of state:

Angelika Franken
Fon: +49 8141/95296
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