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Willkommen beim Deutschen Harmonika-Verband (DHV)

Der DHV ist deutschlandweit der zweitgrößte Laienmusikverband im Instrumentalbereich, gegründet am 28. März 1931 mit Sitz in 78647 Trossingen. Der Verband umfasst 16 Landesverbände sowie eine Sektion Mundharmonika.

Tel. 07425-32 66 45
Rudolf Maschke Platz 6


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Here you can find information about the competitions organized by the Deutschen Harmonika-Verbands e.V.

Call for Proposals :  Announcement (only in german)

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The accordion music award is the “Youth” contest of the Deutscher Harmonika-Verband . He is open to instrumentalists to 27 years with primary residence in Germany. You can take part in the Accordion, Styrian, Diatonic, and Harmonica instruments in different categories from solo to ensemble. The accordion music award takes place every three years. It is divided into two phases:

Phase 1 state competitions: In the state competitions that occur nationwide, the participants are calculated for the final competition in Bruchsal. In order to qualify for Phase 2 in Bruchsal, at least 31 points must be achieved in the first phase. Phase 1 is open to all students, trainees, young professionals and students who are not in a musical training (amateurs).

Phase 2 Final Competition: This phase is also open to professional instrumentalists. Professionals are musicians, accordionists and accordionists with professional concert activities.

The World Music Festival in Innsbruck has now become an integral part of the international concert calendars of the accordion and harmonica scene.
Competitions with top performances in several categories for the instruments accordion, harmonica and Styrian harmonica are to be experienced.

In addition to this, the world-wide festival is characterized by a variety of concerts and a grandiose evening of the Nations in the Congresshaus Innsbruck. Every three years several thousand participants and visitors are thrilled every three years when the Deutsche Harmonika-Verband invites them to the World Music Festival in Innsbruck.

The next World Music Festival will take place from 30.05.2019 to 02.06.2019.

World Music Festival 2016

About 200 participants at the 3rd German Accordion Youth Orchestra Competition and the 7th German Ensemble Competition in Düsseldorf

On May 27, the Ensemble competition of the Deutscher Harmonika-Verband took place at the Clara-Schumann Music School with the participation of around 200 participants. In very good weather and very good mood, around 200 accordionists played for a whole day at a high level.

The ensemble of the 1st Düren Accordion Orchestra under the direction of Andrea Nolte achieved the best score in the category “Professionals” with the title “Excellent” and 48 points, closely followed by the Ensemble Maiglöckchen 2.0 under the direction of Jana Harlacher In the middle-class ensembles.


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Siegerehrung Kat 5a Foto N. Qual

Behind these four letters lies a long competition name: International Open Accordion Contest. The competition has been organized since 2011 by the Deutschen Harmonika-Verbands in cooperation with the Hohner Konservatorium Trossingen. The competition was launched with a national focus under the title: Open Accordion Contest. In 2017, this competition has for the first time been given an international orientation. The close collaboration between the Deutschen Harmonika-Verbands (DHV) and the Hohner Konservatorium Trossingen and the European Accordion Federation (EAF) guarantee an artistic high level as well as the encounter with world-renowned musicians, jurors, composers and educators. The IOAC is aimed primarily at young players, but is also open to adult participants. One of the focus of the competition is, apart from the solo- categories, the Band. Here, the accordion is in great demand. There are no limits to creative ideas. The venue of the competition is Trossingen.

International Open Accordion Contest 2017

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