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Willkommen beim Deutschen Harmonika-Verband (DHV)

Der DHV ist deutschlandweit der zweitgrößte Laienmusikverband im Instrumentalbereich, gegründet am 28. März 1931 mit Sitz in 78647 Trossingen. Der Verband umfasst 16 Landesverbände sowie eine Sektion Mundharmonika.

Tel. 07425-32 66 45
Rudolf Maschke Platz 6


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Thomas Fink

Editorial office: Thomas Fink

The magazine for music and entertainment with harmonica, accordion and harmonica

The “Harmonika International” is the official magazine of the German Harmonica Association (DHV), the F.I.H.-Report (Fédération Internationale de l’Harmonica) a magazine for harmonica friends worldwide.

The “Harmonika International” is distributed directly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The publisher is the German Harmonica Association, headquartered in Trossingen.

Target group: 3,500 accordion orchestras and ensembles as a member of the DHV, friends of the harmonica as well as lovers of harmonica instruments and those interested in the musical work of the German Harmonica Association and its friendly associations/organizations.

About the members’ orchestra and playgroups, a total of around 120,000 active people are cared for, with a focus on the age group of children, young people and young adults of about 80%.

Appeal: six books a year with 36 pages.

Edition: 10,000 copies per issue.

Annual subscription: Euro 27, – incl. Postage and packing

Current single issue: Euro 4,90 incl. Postage and packing

Please order your subscription and individual booklet at:

Issue           Date of publication     Press deadline

HI 1/2017                   February 2017                   5. January 2017

HI 2/2017                   April 2017                        5. March 2017

HI 3/2017                   June 2017                        5. May 2017

HI 4/2017                   August 2017                    25. June 2017

HI 5/2017                   October 2017                   5. September 2017

HI 6/2017                   December 2017                5. November 2017

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