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Thomas Fink

Editorial office: Thomas Fink

The magazine for music and entertainment with harmonica, accordion and harmonica

The “Harmonika International” is the official magazine of the Deutscher Harmonika Verband (DHV), the F.I.H.-Report (Fédération Internationale de l’Harmonica), a magazine for harmonica friends worldwide.

The “Harmonika International” is distributed directly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The publisher is the Deutscher Harmonika-Verband e. V., headquartered in Trossingen.

Target group: 3,500 accordion orchestras and ensembles as a member of the DHV, friends of the harmonica as well as lovers of harmonica instruments and those interested in the musical work of the Deutscher Harmonika-Verband and its friendly associations/organizations.

There is a number of around 120,000 musical active people, which befefit from the – mostly – honory work of the acccordion orchestras and ensembles with a strong focus on the age group of children, young people and young adults (approx. 80 %).

Appeal: 4 books a year with 36 pages.

Edition: 10,000 copies per issue.

Annual subscription: Euro 27, – incl. Postage and packing

Current single issue: Euro 4,90 incl. Postage and packing

Please order your subscription and individual booklet at:

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