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The Deutscher Harmonika Verband (DHV)

The date of foundation: March 28, 1931

11 harmonica clubs met in Villingen to form the district 1 Trossingen. With at least 343 members. District 2 “Donaueschingen” had 7 clubs and 130 members. This was followed immediately by other districts, which made the necessity of a so-called “framework organization” necessary. Goal: Consistent musical education and promotion of the harmonica play. All this is decades ago. The objective has remained the same.

Many new tasks were added:

Strong personalities with ideas and persuasiveness are still in demand. Honorary work continues to be a factor of success. Music is part of our culture. Music is not least an economic factor. And yet: 92% of the German population still does not play a musical instrument. The music-performing associations, clubs and orchestras, in harmony with politics, are therefore required more than ever. Today associations and associations are service providers, called upon and obliged to work out and offer new orientation patterns, not least to capture the whole family.

Concepts of elementary music education or early musical education, professional and interdisciplinary services for young people, adults and seniors are, to name just a few examples, successfully tested projects in today’s club and orchestra work.
The tasks and objectives of the Deutscher Harmonika-Verband are based on the wishes and ideas of the member clubs, orchestras, ensembles and harmonica friends. The musical ideas and claims are very diverse. The development of music culture, both nationally and internationally, has given the accordion world a place as a component of cultural and educational policy within our society, which deserves the moral and financial support of all music-loving people and friends of the accordion.

  1. Cooperation with other people
  2. Music practicing as meaningful leisure activity
  3. Solidarity through regular activities
  4. Relationship and camaraderie of the club members
  5. Mind training as the key to creativity
  6. Education to focus and perseverance
  7. social learning
  8. Self confidence
  9. Feeling good through your own performance
  10. Replacement and / or supplement for school activities

Membership fees (annual)

*single member              39,– Euros
Clubs                           175,– Euros
Ensembles                      95,– Euros
HI-Abonnement               27,– Euros

* if individual members lead accordion orchestras or ensembles, then the amount of € 39, – does not include the membership of the orchestra or the ensemble; thus not the participation at national and international competitions

Membership declaration clubs

Membership declaration single member

The delegates’ assembly of the DHV adopted on 27.09.2015 a new statute, which came into operation with the entry into the register of associations at the district court Stuttgart.
It defines the rights and obligations of the members, the structure and organs of the DHV, the composition and tasks of the delegates’ meeting as well as the composition and tasks of the executive board as well as of the extended executive committee.

Statutes (last update 27.09.2015)

What you can expect from the DHV:

  • National and international events, such as B. World Music Festival Innsbruck, Accordion Music Prize, etc.
  • Course and examination regulations for the performance levels D1, D2, D3 as well as C1, C2 and C3.
  • Insurance benefits through cooperation with other associations
  • Honory awards
  • Implementation of youth-promoting measures
  • Representation of interests to ministries
  • Cooperation with the German Music Council
  • Member of a variety of national and international institutions to represent the interests of the accordion and thus the DHV member Clubs.
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