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Willkommen beim Deutschen Harmonika-Verband (DHV)

Der DHV ist deutschlandweit der zweitgrößte Laienmusikverband im Instrumentalbereich, gegründet am 28. März 1931 mit Sitz in 78647 Trossingen. Der Verband umfasst 16 Landesverbände sowie eine Sektion Mundharmonika.

Tel. 07425-32 66 45
Rudolf Maschke Platz 6


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Welcome to the Literature lists-menu of the DHV!

Currently the DHV classification lists are available in the categories  3 – 5 accordions, orchestra and ensemble. Further differentiations are chamber music, popular music, original music and arrangements.

The classification lists for solo and duo have been removed since the competitions for these categories are furthermore only classified according to age groups.

The modification log gives you information about the changes in classification, decided by the Music Advisory Board of the DHV.

These download lists will be updated on a quarterly basis. The download link shows the date of the last update.

Ensemble literature

24.04.2015     3 AKK

24.04.2015     4 AKK

24.04.2015     5 AKK

11.07.2015   Chamber music

Orchestral literature

08.10.2016 Original

23.03.2016 Editing

23.03.2016Popular music

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